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National Association:

  1. Speech Pathology Australia: Click Here

Speech and Language Development:

  1. Hanen Centre: Click Here
  2. The website provides parents with valuable strategies to support their child’s early language development.
  3. Caroline Bowen: Click Here
  4. Caroline provides a great online source of information on the developmental norms and speech sound acquisition in children.
  5. Super Duper Publications: Click Here
  6. This website is an online store providing countless products to support all areas of children’s development.
  7. Mommy Speech Therapy: Click Here
  8. Heidi provides a great blog and list of resources from a Mum/Speech Pathologist. This is a great starting point for parents of children who may not need to see a Speech Pathologist, but want to ensure that their sounds are emerging age appropriately.

Additional links are coming soon.